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simco fitness


This one is so special to me because not only did I get to work with another amazing LGBTQ+ owned business, but their mission and model are so needed in this space.⁠


SimCo Fitness takes away the tired, results-based approach present in toxic gym culture and replaces it with a fresh, sustainable habit-building approach to fitness coaching.⁠⁠I loved the strategy for this project especially, and diving into SimCo's competitors allowed us to confidently position him against local, online, and big-name competitors to really stand out from the crowd.


The inclusion of many natural elements to tie in outdoor movement with working out was a fun challenge, and I'm so happy with how everything has turned out. 



Artboard 1317 copy.png
Artboard 1317.png
Artboard 1318.png

One particularly cool feature of SimCo's visual library is the inclusion of many organic shapes to symbolize a reconnection with authenticity and the outdoors. For each of these shapes, I used cardstock, pen and scissors to create "rough" edges and imperfect curves. These were digitized using Adobe Capture, brought to life with SimCo's brand colors, and juxtoposed with black-and-white image icons to create dynamic illustrative elements for use on social media, web, and more. You can watch how it did it in this Reel on my Instagram!

social graphics

SimCo Insta1.png
SimCo Insta2.png

One of his main design needs included customizable social media templates which he could use for educational content and more on his social channels (mainly Instagram). With such a vibrant palette, these were a blast to create.

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